Best Partner For Your Next Fishing Trip

If you have never tried fish finders then you should give Piranha Finder review a try. This is one of the best fish finder devices on the market. You can choose from many different models, but this product stands out among the rest.

The Piranhamax197C from Humminbird has a 3.5″ screen with a high-contrast interface. It uses DualBeam technology to much more efficiently search for fish down to about six inches deep. The light on this model is a nice bright white that will not interfere with viewing the fish. The navigation screen is clean and easy to read. The included battery makes the whole thing quite portable.

Many people believe that the newer models of fish finders are simply not as good as they used to be. While this may be true of some of the more expensive models, the Piranhamax197C is well worth the money. The built quality is excellent. No flex at all and the frame is completely solid. It is made out of a hardy thermoplastic rubber so it will stand up to even the worst conditions. If you want a really portable sonar system, look no further than the Piranhamax.

Some of the other things that make this model of fish finder so unique are the ability to configure the transducer to record depth, horizontal and vertical, with an optional waterproof receiver for up to 2 miles. This is great if you need an inexpensive sonar system to get a bare bones idea of where your location is on the water. The transducer unit also allows you to choose between either the fixed or floating level audio. Some models offer the benefit of dual-band GPS with the option to store the data on microSD cards.

Perhaps, the most important thing that people like about this model of fish finder is the extreme quietness. These fishfinders are a bit on the pricey side but the ability to operate quietly at a single setting is unheard of. For someone just starting out, this is ideal. One word of caution though, make sure that you turn off the engine when turning the transducer on. The transducers produce a large amount of noise, which can easily be heard from further away. Also keep in mind that many people find the Piranhamax197C reviews to be biased due to the exclusivity of the product.

Overall, the Piranhamax 197C reviews are quite positive with the product offering all of the benefits of a fixed fishfinder at a price that most people can afford. If you don’t want to buy a brand new fishfinder this would be an excellent choice. A basic model will suffice for most people. If you have never used a fishfinder before or need a little help getting your head around the technical details, check out the Piranhamax 4 review your best partner for a fishing trip.

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